Music: Opera

in progress
Scene 6: Sofia's aria.
Scene 2: Dee's Aria
Scene 3: Duet

Opera in development with librettist Jason Kim through American Opera Projects.   More information below.

Vocal Score completed 2019.  Length 90″.

Language: English
Cast: 1soprano, 1countertenor, 2 tenor, 1 baritone

Famed drag performer Dee Legendary embarks on a passionate love affair with Officer John, whose fascination with Dee takes an unexpected and dangerous turn. Inspired by a true story, Legendary is an opera about double lives and destructive desires set in the glory days of New York City’s underground drag culture.


Orchestra conceived as a chamber ensemble, precise forces to be determined in consultation with producers.


1987.  New York City.

Darkness. Sound of a sewing machine. Lights up to reveal: drag queen Dee Legendary, smoking a cigar and assembling a dress out of fabrics she has collected from a dumpster.

Dee sings about her conflicted double life: her fabulous public life as a drag performer and her vulnerable private life as a man who has had to survive on his own. She is joined on stage by two younger drag performers, Lola and Martina, as she finishes making herself look exquisite.

From there, we follow the story of Dee, as she loses her reign in the drag world and engages in a dangerous affair with a closeted cop.


Contemporary lyric opera, 1980s dance music, American musical theater.  Vocal style is predominantly lyrical and expressive, sometimes parlando and conversational.  Music is at times searing and at times fun and buoyant, with frequent jazz and pop influences.